Minerva’s latest Briefing covers Climate Stewardship, looking at the implications of Paris-aligned sustainable stewardship and the voting choices that investors currently face. It has been launched alongside a stakeholder survey for our clients and the wider investment community about their individual climate stewardship preferences. You may fill out the survey here. A PDF version of the survey may be found for your reference only, here.

This Minerva Briefing on Climate Stewardship is available to download free. Get your own copy!
About The Minerva Regulatory Briefings

Minerva’s regulatory briefings look at new and emerging issues from the UK and Continental European perspectives. Also Available:
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To find out more about Minerva’s sustainability governance voting guidelines please contact +44 (0)1376 503500 | hello@minerva.info

This Minerva Briefing on Climate Stewardship is available to download free!

Last Updated: 20 October 2021