Best Execution in Global Proxy Voting

Minerva supports investment professionals with a range of trustworthy and comprehensive services.

Stewardship Support

The fulfilment of the investor’s stewardship responsibilities is supported by Minerva’s objective, conflict-free corporate governance insights, and fully bespoke vote guidance. A highly experienced and dedicated research resource work alongside their own team to streamline the voting process.

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Proxy Voting

Global and full-service voting solution with no loss of control that support investors. Minerva’s proxy voting solution leverages sophisticated technology to ensure accurate, timely and effective vote lodgement across all markets.

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Voting Research

Global shareholder voting research and data based on consistent, comparable, and in-depth analysis. Integrated Say on Pay and Say on Sustainability modules allow you to vote your values with ease. All guidance is fully transparent with comprehensive audit trails.

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Governance and sustainability voting policy reporting support for asset owners who have delegated stewardship to their investment managers. Ensure effective oversight with a range of customised services.

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Asset Owners and Managers

For asset owners and asset managers that need a value-added, growth-ready solutions for understanding portfolio companies’ ESG governance risk, voting shares consistently, securely, and knowledgeably, and engaging for long-term success.

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NACD corporate culture

Academics and Regulators

For academics and regulators who need independent stewardship and voting solutions with unique corporate governance, executive remuneration, voting results and sustainability data.

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corporate governance codes

Issuers and Advisors

For issuers and advisors who need companies’ data reporting that combines governance ratings and benchmarking with resolution analysis and sustainability governance data to assist their dialogue with shareholders.

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Minerva's Key Services Features

Confidential, secure proxy voting

Comprehensive, user-friendly, web platform

Thorough, transparent analysis

Independence & objectivity

Global coverage with local focus

Robust systems and operational procedures

Transparency and quality in governance makes a difference. Minerva has therefore developed a lean but highly flexible business model which puts the needs of investors at the top of the agenda. Our services enable users to understand the context of governance decisions with easy to use analytical tools which offer real insight into governance practices, not just during the proxy season but all year round. Minerva delivers effective and reliable insight for stewardship and engagement activities.

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Last Updated: 14 June 2018