Sustainability-focussed research to support informed voting decisions. Transparent ratings flag policy issues with strong predictive power.

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Vote Agency

A global electronic voting solution offering accurate, timely and effective vote lodgement across all markets.
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Highly experienced and dedicated research resource to work alongside your own team and streamline the voting process.

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Effective oversight of ESG voting policy with comprehensive analysis, for asset owners who have delegated stewardship to their investment managers.

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Asset Owners and Managers

Understanding portfolio company ESG and governance risk, vote shares consistently, securely and knowledgeably. Successful engagement for long-term performance.

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Minerva Analytics Research Principles - Be Informed

Academics and Regulators

Comprehensive corporate governance, executive remuneration, voting results and sustainability data to inform evidence-based research and policy development

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Issuers and

For issuers and advisors looking for comprehensive research and analysis to support their engagement and dialogue with shareholders.

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Stewardship for Sustainability

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Last Updated: 16 April 2011