Sustainable Stewardship & Shareholder Voting

Welcome to Minerva Analytics, the home of Manifest – the independent stewardship support service.

Minerva empowers investors to make informed voting decisions with quality data and easy to use software.

In a rapidly change investment world, there is a lot at stake for stewardship: trust, integrity, reputation and value. We help investors achieve their stewardship goals with:

  • State of the art electronic voting
  • Custom vote policies as standard
  • Objective, conflict-free processes
  • Comprehensive data, bench-marking and reporting tools

Research for Sustainable Governance

What you don’t know can harm you and you could be missing a crucial information edge. Minerva’s expert analysts can benchmark your stewardship and ESG voting policies to deliver powerful customised decision support with unique insights.

Global Proxy Voting

Minerva can:

  • Streamline global shareholder voting, significantly reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and minimise risks;
  • Intelligently navigate the complexities of global governance disclosures to deliver actionable and defensible stewardship insights; and
  • Integrate sustainability stewardship metrics at the point of AGM to support seamless integration of UN Global Compact, Transition Pathway Initiative and Financial Stability Board Climate Change Taskforce recommendations.

Diverse Data, Smarter Stewardship

With better data, software and knowledgeable support, asset owners and managers can focus on informed engagement leaving the operational complexities of voting to a team which truly puts shareholders first.

Custom Vote Policy

Adaptable, defensible, and evidence-based global voting policies based on good practices from leading regulators, academics and investors. Local market standards can be blended with supra-nation policies including OECD, CII and ICGN. All voting policies are custom as standard with highly granular policy points that are flexibly applied.

Global Research

Global shareholder voting research and data based on consistent, comparable, and in-depth analysis. Integrated Say on Pay and Say on Sustainability modules allow you to vote your values with ease. All guidance is fully transparent with comprehensive audit trails.

Proxy Vote Agency

Let our seasoned vote agency team takes care of the minutiae of vote management and leave you free to concentrate on value-added engagement.

Minerva’s team are the pioneers of electronic voting and are fully ready for Shareholder Rights Directive II

Minerva: diverse viewpoints

In the pursuit of secure investment returns, diverse viewpoints based on high-quality data and varied information are critical for portfolio construction. We believe that share ownership is no different. To turn today’s stewardship challenges into the next investment opportunity, investors need diverse perspectives on sustainable governance.

Stewardship: easier with the right data

Minerva’s clients can depend on us to inform and support their stewardship strategies with high quality governance reference data and secure vote execution solutions. If you are looking for a stewardship service partner who can support your individual needs with utmost integrity and highest levels of customisation, we are confident that Minerva can add value.

Straight through voting: where’s the blockage?

As implementation of Shareholder Rights Directive II draws closer, attention is (or should be) turning to how we are going to make it happen. A cynic might say that, like MIFID II, “it’s all very well intended but….” OK, fair enough. But seriously, how are we going to get from good intentions to good outcomes? […]

US Proxy Plumbing – Eight Years Later

Proxy Plumbing: SEC Re-opens Investigations Plans to review US proxy plumbing infrastructure “long overdue, but very welcome”. The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced it will re-examine the US proxy voting system.  The US securities regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, is inviting comments on its proposal and will host a round-table this autumn to […]

Executive pay single figures – sound analysis or sound bite

As reported in the FT today, the 20th edition of the Manifest Total Remuneration Survey is now online. The first report was published after the Greenbury Report and over the years the survey has become a staple and trusted resource to support engagement on executive pay by investors, issuers and regulators  alike. Headline numbers do not tell the whole […]

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