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Welcome to Minerva Analytics, the home of Manifest – the independent stewardship support service.

In a rapidly change investment world, there is a lot at stake for stewardship: trust, integrity, reputation and value. We help investors achieve their stewardship goals with:

  • Objective, conflict-free research
  • Custom policy guidance
  • State of the art electronic voting
  • High quality data and bench-marking tools

Diverse Research for Sustainable Governance

What you don’t know can harm you and you could be missing a crucial information edge. Minerva works with clients to deliver unique insights which go beyond “set and forget” policies. Our expert analysts can benchmark your stewardship and ESG voting policies and cut through black-box thinking to deliver powerful customised decision support with unique insights.

Secure, Global Shareholder Voting

Minerva streamlines global shareholder voting, significantly reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and minimising risks.

Minerva intelligently navigates the complexities of global governance disclosures delivering actionable and defensible stewardship insights. Uniquely, Minerva offers fully-integrated sustainability stewardship metrics at the point of AGM to support seamless integration of Global Compact, Transition Pathway Initiative and Financial Stability Board Climate Change Taskforce recommendations.

Better Data, Smarter Stewardship

With better data, software and knowledgeable support, asset owners and managers can focus on informed engagement leaving the complexities of voting operations to a team which truly puts shareholders first.

Vote Agency

For over two decades, our experienced vote agency team have driven up standards of proxy voting. We take care of the minutiae of vote management leaving investors free to concentrate on value-added engagement.

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Research & Advice

Evidence shows that material governance factors are a systemic investment risk. Shareholders need research with real depth in order to demonstrate that their stewardship and voting meets beneficiaries’ best interests.

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Custom Policy

Advanced technology, deep knowledge and years of experience enables our clients to build adaptable, defensible, and evidence-based voting policies based on global good practices.

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Uncover insights from the trusted source of governance research

Minerva: diverse viewpoints

In the pursuit of secure investment returns, diverse viewpoints based on high-quality data and varied information are critical for portfolio construction. We believe that stewardship is no different. To turn today’s stewardship challenges into the next investment opportunity, investors need diverse perspectives on sustainable governance.

Global sustainability governance

Minerva’s clients can depend on us to inform and support their stewardship strategies with high quality governance reference data and secure vote execution solutions. If you are looking for a stewardship service partner who can support your individual needs with utmost integrity and highest levels of customisation, we are confident that Minerva can add value.

Stay informed with Minerva

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