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Welcome to Minerva, Europe’s independent proxy voting agency – supporting sustainability with thoughtful and intelligent voting.

Minerva empowers professional investors with the essential tools and critical data to make informed, sustainable stewardship and proxy voting decisions. Our comprehensive suite of tightly-integrated services supports better stewardship with high quality and material ESG data; independent and objective research; the latest technology; and secure, confidential vote administration.

Minerva offers investment fiduciaries an agile and responsive service founded on bespoke research, tailored voting guidance and highly-customizable sustainability data to support modern stewardship strategies:

Advanced, scaleable VoteTech to protect shareholder rights, “Golden Records” for operational efficiency

Objective, independent research and data to identify key sustainability governance risks and opportunities

Tailored ESG and Sustainability audits to measure and manage portfolio risks 

Vote your Values with Integrated TCFD, Climate Change & Sustainability Guidelines

Minerva gives investors a Say on Sustainabilitywith a range of integrated stewardship tools including proxy research, custom proxy voting guidelines and sustainability governance ratings, including:

  • TCFD and Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) alignment
  • Timely data on GHG emissions, reduction targets and KPIs
  • Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) integration
  • Minerva is an accredited supporter of the TPI and TCFD.
TCFD Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures
Minerva Analytics Ltd joined GRI – Global Reporting Initiative
Industrial companies largely ignoring climate risks

Better Data, Better Stewardship

Minerva’s clients can depend on us to inform and support their stewardship strategies with high quality, relevant sustainability governance data. When your are looking for a stewardship partner who can support your individual needs with the highest levels of customization, we know that Minerva adds value.

Proxy Voting - Easy Switching

Minerva’s modern systems are resilient, secure, and confidential – all designed to make proxy voting robust and compliant. Integrated engagement letters, web reporting, securities lending support and easy onboarding. You can even transfer all your voting histories for continuity. 

Proxy Vote Agency

Minerva’s expert vote agency team takes care of the complexities of proxy voting leaving you free to concentrate on value-added engagement.

Minerva’s pioneering team can ensure you are fully ready for the Shareholder Rights Directive II

Global ESG & Proxy Research

Stewardship and voting is supported by high-quality research and data which is consistent, comparable, and in-depth. Integrated  Sustainability and Climate Change guidelines allow you to vote your values with ease. All guidance is fully transparent with comprehensive audit trails.

Custom Vote Policy

Adaptable, defensible, and evidence-based global voting policies based on good practices from leading regulators, academics and investors. Local market standards can be blended with supra-nation policies including OECD, CII and ICGN. All voting policies are custom as standard with highly granular policy points that are flexibly applied.

Sustainable Governance News from Minerva

StanChart boss pay slashed 29%

StanChart boss pay slashed 29% CEO Bill Winters’ pay packet has been reduced to £3.8m The CEO of Standard Chartered has seen his pay packet slashed by 29% with the bank reporting heavy profit falls due to the fallout from Covid-19. This means chief Bill Winters’ pay packet for the year has fallen to £3.8m, […]

Norwegian SWF gets active in activism

Norwegian SWF gets active in activism The fund voted in 98% of shareholder meetings for portfolio companies Norges Bank Investment Management, responsible for portfolio allocation of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, met with nearly 3,000 companies last year as part of its active ownership strategy. According to a report on this initiative, it held […]

SEC reviewing decade-old climate disclosure rules

SEC reviewing decade-old climate disclosure rules Original rules on climate-related disclosure were originally published in 2010 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reviewing its climate-related disclosure rules for companies, which have not been updated since 2010. In a statement, acting chair Allison Herren Lee said the regulator’s staff would be assessing how extensively companies […]

FTSE companies finally hit 33% target for women on boards

FTSE companies finally hit 33% target for women on boards Mission accomplished, but more needs to be done More than one-third of board positions at FTSE 350 companies are now held by women, according to the final Hampton-Alexander Review report, following a 50% increase during the past five years. The number of women now sitting […]

Minerva - A Solactive Company

Since May 2019 Minerva has been a Solactive AG company. Solactive is an innovative index provider and financial data and technology provider that focuses on the development, calculation and distribution of tailor-made indices across all asset classes. As a Solactive company, Minerva operates from Frankfurt, Toronto and Hong Kong. Our ambition is to continue to expand our footprint in order to better serve our clients around the world.


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