High Quality, Bespoke ESG Data & Analytics

Minerva supports custom research projects with comprehensive and objective corporate governance, shareholder voting and sustainability data. Whether you need shareholder voting trends to prepare for an AGM, comparative governance standards for stewardship engagement, executive pay data for bench-marking, director networks and biographies for recruitment or sustainability reporting trends, Minerva’s governance analytics solutions can help.

Rather than spending days and weeks ploughing your way through dense annual reports and proxy notices, Ask Minerva.

Deep & Rich Corporate Governance Data

Annual reports and corporate disclosures are inconsistent and often very inaccessible.  Making the data usable is a time consuming and frustrating process. On the other hand, Minerva’s expert team of experienced and knowledgeable data analysts understand the complexities of financial data disclosures. They are able to organise and categorise data quickly and consistently for easy integration in a variety of projects. We also have detailed quality assurance policies and procedures in place and use rigorous data checking processes to ensure you can be confident of our work. Data from Minerva is highly dependable – which is why we are trusted by government departments, regulators investors and academics to inform their work.

Minerva’s extensive governance data points capture over 2,000 governance-related data items per company across thousands of global companies. In addition to board biographies, gender diversity, committee structures, our granular remuneration data and proxy voting levels can be presented by industry group, sector, market capitalisation, profit, turnover, country of incorporation.

ESG & Sustainability Governance Data

Minerva’s Say on Sustainability Governance Framework provides a comprehensive analysis of how global companies are meeting the challenges of the transition to a low carbon, sustainability-centric economy. In addition to comprehensive TCFD-aligned data points, Minerva can also provide a number of key ESG indicators including information on:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Alcohol
  • Anti-personnel mines
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Civilian automatic and semi-automatic firearms, magazines or parts
  • Cluster munitions
  • GHG Emissions & reduction targets
  • Nuclear devices manufacture or testing
  • Political lobbying
  • Recreational cannabis
  • Tax secrecy
  • Thermal Coal
  • Tobacco
  • UN Global Compact violations
  • Waste & Water
  • Whale meat processing

Corporate Governance Research Projects

Here are some examples of the requests for governance research projects that we can fulfil:

  • Shareholder meeting results – up to 15 years of highly detailed, resolution by resolution outcomes with categories
  • Quant screening models incorporating ESG factors
  • Board diversity by age, gender, experience
  • Director/Officer Mailing lists e.g. CEO, FD
  • Remuneration Committee Chairmen
  • Audit Committee composition, audit partner rotation and audit fees
  • Companies with Chair/CEO/FD changes in the past 12 months
  • Companies with fewer than 3 non-executive directors
  • Companies with no nominated Senior Independent Director/Senior Non-executive Director

What do customers say about Minerva’s data?

Minerva’s research is used by a wide range of investors and advisors including insurance companies, local government funds, remuneration advisors, investor relations teams, regulators and government organisations. We consistently receive “Highly Recommended” feedback for our knowledge, data accuracy and customer service.

Custom research project clients include the Financial Reporting Council, OECD, Department of Business Environment & Industrial Strategy, Confederation of British Industry and numerous universities.

Last Updated: 17 January 2024