Minerva delivers high quality, conflict free corporate governance and shareholder voting research which enables investors to make informed decisions.

Minerva provides global research and vote agency services across at least 70 markets.

Deep data, beyond box-ticking

Minerva’s analysts take corporate governance research beyond ‘box-ticking’ to ensure that each company is analysed in a consistent, thorough and impartial way. The specialised knowledge and on-going professional development of our team means that you can be confident of being briefed on issues of concern and relevance.

At the heart of the Research Service is our annual company analysis which blends governance ratings and benchmarking with resolution analysis. Unlike annual reports and proxy statements, Minerva’s reports follow a consistent format addressing the major ESG themes:

  • Meeting Agenda: Full Resolution Narrative, Informed Commentary, International Best Practice Voting Guidance.
  • Governance Overview: Best Practice Compliance, Risk Controls, Auditor Independence, Board Changes.
  • Financial Profile: Key Financial Indicators, Capital Structure, Post-balance Sheet Events, Related Party Transactions, Litigation, Acquisition/Disposals.
  • Board Governance: Director Profiles, Director Independence, Committee Structure.
  • Say on Pay – Remuneration Profile: Salary & Bonus, Performance Pay, Shareholdings & Dealings, Pensions, Policy, Service Contracts.
  • Stakeholder Reporting: Environment, Social Responsibility, Donations: Charitable & Political.

Global Portfolio Coverage

Minerva is benchmark agnostic, our approach is to ensure portfolio holdings coverage on a global scale.


Consistency and integrity of analysis matters. That’s why all of our research is undertaken in-house by a team of highly qualified Research Analysts. They are supported in turn by a team of Data Analysts whose job is to ensure that we have a complete set of accurate data items for each company. This may involve detailed discussion with the company in question or their advisors, as well as using primary resources such as annual reports, meeting notices or articles of association.

Ease of Use

The format of annual reports and meeting notices is inconsistent making it difficult to locate the information you need and make valid comparisons. On the other hand, the layout of Minerva’s report has been designed to help readers focus directly on the key issues by following a clear, consistent layout for every report. This means that you will be able to form a view quickly and easily and meet the pressure of deadlines with time to spare.

Basis for Dialogue

Research reports are an excellent starting point for monitoring your investments but there may be times when you need a sounding board for ideas or questions. Perhaps you want to make a sector or peer group comparison and are not sure where to start? Our analysts are just a call away. Alternatively, you may prefer to send an e-mail with a more detailed question. Whichever is your preferred route you will find a helpful and knowledgeable team ready and able to give you the advice you need.

Quality Driven

The sheer volume of raw data combined with the complexity of proxy voting issues requires a unique blend of careful data processing, leading edge computer systems as well as detailed knowledge of governance issues. This combination of skills and knowledge is a speciality that Minerva has made its own since its inception in December 1995.

Minerva’s technology has been recognised as Award Winning beyond the confines of our own market place and supports our ISO9001-compliant systems and processes to give you the assurance you need.

The benefits to our customers are considerable – clearly defined responsibilities and procedures ensuring high service levels; customer-focused development delivering quantifiable savings of time, effort, opportunity and development costs. You also have the added comfort of knowing that we are committed to providing a service which meets your needs to implement and monitor your governance policy.

Last Updated: 17 January 2024