Minerva’s governance and sustainability research reports make a valuable contribution to stewardship and engagement by helping companies understand the issues which concern investors.

Comprehensive, Data-driven Insights

Board members, company secretaries and investor relations officers all benefit from understanding how investors perceive your company. Minerva provides detailed analysis and bench-marking against global good practices, investor guidelines and comprehensive international peer groups which helps them understand why investors may have particular concerns.

Objective Research

Minerva’s research is independent and conflict-free. We don’t make one size fits all recommendations either. Minerva is not a shareholder, and doesn’t provide engagement or governance overlay services to investors. It is our individual clients who negotiate for specific changes to governance practices or structures at companies. Furthermore, we rely only on the publicly available information given to all shareholders ahead of shareholder meetings to prepare our reports.

Reports are generally available three weeks prior to shareholder meetings in the case of Annual General Meetings. In addition, Minerva provides bespoke data sets of key governance metrics and remuneration to assist with bench-marking.

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Last Updated: 11 January 2024