Minerva Briefing: Capital Authorities in the UK

Capital governance is a critical shareholder protection. Capital authority requests are routine agenda items at shareholder meetings in the UK and relate to: • The authority to issue shares with […]

Minerva Briefing: UK Board Chair Tenure 2019

Recent changes to the UK Governance Code have put board chair tenure into the spotlight. This Briefing looks at the impact of the changes in respect of the top 350 […]

Minerva Briefing: Tax Secrecy 2018

Minerva’s latest Regulatory Briefing: Tax Secrecy identifies the key issues for investors and provides helpful guidance for trustees and governance officers to help them incorporate good practice into their proxy […]

Regulatory Briefing: Employee Board Representation in Europe

Since November 2016, the UK has been investigating three key pillars of governance reform focussed on executive pay; the governance of large private companies and strengthening the voice of employees […]

New Investor Guidelines Target Trust in Business

Minerva’s stewardship support team has reviewed the new investor guidelines  of the Investment Association in the context of Minerva’s current Say on Pay research reports, ratings and voting guidelines to […]

Regulatory Briefing: Board Gender Diversity in Europe

Although the European Commission and member states began to address board gender diversity since 2012, progress towards the suggested 40% target has been mixed. From an investors’ perspective, although high-level […]

Regulatory Briefing: UK Governance Reforms

During 2018 there have been a number of governance reforms introduced which will impact both companies and institutional investors. The new regime will begin to apply to accounting periods beginning […]

Minerva Total Remuneration Survey 2018

Minerva Total Remuneration Survey 2018 Over the past 20 years, the Minerva Total Remuneration Survey has become an essential resource to support engagement on pay. It is the is the […]

Last Updated: 19 January 2024