Manifest Total Remuneration Survey 2018

Over the past 20 years, the Manifest Total Remuneration Survey has become an essential resource to support engagement on pay. It is the is the UK’s most authoritative report of its kind, trusted by investors, companies, regulators, and academics alike. In planning your response to AGM votes or issues that have arisen during engagement with shareholders.

After recent years of falling pay awards for CEOs, our latest findings suggest that remuneration awards are going up again, especially salaries.

  • Why is shareholder dissent on the rise again?
  • How will you be impacted by the changes to UK Governance regulations?
  • When will you be engaging with shareholders about your top reward plans?

Comprehensive, Objective Data

  • The information is collected by experienced analysts based in the UK and is reliable
  • The report is one of a series of reports going back 15 years and contains unique long-term trend data over 20 years
  • The UK Corporate Governance Code, investor stewardship policies and the Quoted Companies Alliance all stress the need for Remuneration Committees to have independent advice. Our survey helps you fulfil their requirements.

The Manifest Total Remuneration Report give you the whole picture.


£750 for companies and investors and advisors.

The time and effort costs involved in producing a report of similar depth and quality don’t compare. You are also paying for the significant effort involved in developing, producing and maintaining a high-quality source of independent, objective data and analysis.

Discount for Manifest Subscribers

Manifest Issuer Licence Holders or research service subscribers are entitled to a 25% discount. Please contact Manifest directly for more information on licences or to obtain the discount.

The Manifest Total Remuneration Survey 2018 (September latest edition) is available to download.

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Last Updated: 28 September 2018