Minerva Regulatory Briefing: UK Governance Reforms

During 2018 there have been a number of governance reforms introduced which will impact both companies and institutional investors. The new regime will begin to apply to accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019. In effect, the new information will be reported against in 2020, unless companies and/or investors decide to adopt and report on some or all of the new recommendations early. At the same time, as measures to enhance the governance systems of companies have been enacted, reforms targeted at strengthening stewardship and investor responsibility in the oversight of the firms in which they invest they also been introduced.

Minerva is publishing a series of regulatory briefings ahead of the next AGM season looking at new and emerging issues from the UK and Continental European perspective.  Available from Minerva’s shop:

• UK Regulatory Roundup 2018 (Governance Reforms)
• Board Gender Diversity 2018
• Investment Association Remuneration Guidelines
• Employee Board Representation in Europe

The UK Regulatory Roundup 2018 briefing takes a look at the UK’s extensive governance reform agenda including governance codes, listing rules & sovereign issuers, gender pay gap reporting regulations, FRC and European stewardship codes along with the DWP pension regulations, and EU Shareholder Right Directive.

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Regulatory Briefing Coming Soon

• Board evaluation practices
• Board independence
• Cyber-security
• Climate-change disclosures



Last Updated: 12 October 2018