Since November 2016, the UK has been investigating three key pillars of governance reform focussed on executive pay; the governance of large private companies and strengthening the voice of employees and stakeholders. Two years on, US Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed a bill “The Accountable Capitalism Act” which, if passed, would enable up to 40% of the board to be elected by employees.

Although it looks like Workers on Boards is an idea whose time has come, there is no one single model for implementation.

The Employee Board Representation in Europe briefing looks at requirements and recommendations on a country-by-country basis across Europe. A majority of the European Economic Area countries provide for employee representation at board level – although the model for providing representation varies between countries.

Minerva’s analysts have drawn together a comprehensive review of the different models to identify the key similarities and differences, together with a timeline of the historic developments which date back almost 100 years.

The new UK Corporate Governance Code recommendations on employee engagement and examples of existing employee representation in the UK are also examined.

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Last Updated: 4 December 2018