Winner – Minerva scoops another award for best ESG initiative

October 8, 2021

Responding to Minerva’s vital contributions to the new pooled fund proxy voting service from DWS, Investment Week has announced Minerva as the winner of the ‘Best Sustainable & ESG Investment Initiative’ for 2021.

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Structured as a tax-transparent Irish UCITS CCF fund the pooled fund, or Investor Stewardship Service will draw on DWS’ index replication capabilities as its underlying investment approach in order to deliver a ‘passively’ managed, climate-aware strategy that is anything but passive. Focusing on developed market global equities, the new solution allows investors to have their say in how their shareholder rights are exercised.

Best Sustainable & ESG Investment Initiative
Minerva | September 2021

This award comes as the third in a series of recent awards for Minerva. In June 2021, Minerva was recognised in the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards for ‘Best Sustainable & ESG Investment Initiative’. Once again this award has been in recognition of Minerva’s crucial role in providing pooled fund stewardship services alongside AMX and DWS.

ESG Initiative of the Year
Minerva | June 2021

Detailing Minerva’s contribution, Environmental Finance wrote: “Minerva Analytics VotePlus platform contributes in two ways to the strategy. Firstly it provides the pooled fund with a series of fully bespoke voting policies reflecting the latest good practice as well as DWS’s own expert insights. Secondly, it fully automates reconciliation between the fund’s ownership records and the underlying portfolio share data to ensure that the directed votes are applied in strict proportion.”

Shalin Bhagwan, head of UK Pensions Advisory at DWS acknowledged Minerva’s contribution, and went on to say “This award does more than just recognise DWS and our partners; it recognises the increasing importance of active stewardship for all pension funds irrespective of their size”

Also in September 2021, Minerva received a commendation as runner-up to the title of ‘ESG Data Provider of the Year’ from Pensions Expert Pension and Investment Provider Awards. Minerva is honoured for the recognition of our contributions to ESG stewardship in British pensions over the years.

ESG Data Provider of the Year
Minerva | September 2021

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Last Updated: 8 October 2021