Minerva ESG Event - Helping Asset Owners Survive the ESG Wave

Climate Change, Shareholder Voting and ESG-factor awareness are clearly(!) topics close to our heart. With the recent DWP changes to Occupational Pension Scheme legislation in the UK, and the introduction Europe-wide of the Shareholders Rights Directive II, there’s a lot going on in the stewardship area at the moment.

It seems to us that there’s a perfect storm building – the new ESG-related responsibilities from the UK and European Parliaments are just adding to what is an already formidable wave of ESG information heading towards asset owners. As a result, we think it’s time to don our wet-suits and paddle out into the swell to help institutional investors feel comfortable negotiating the wave.

To that end, Minerva will be hosting a one-day ESG & Stewardship seminar in the Museum of London on Wednesday 25th September 2019. The event is not only fully PMI-accredited but will also feature key note presentations from the asset owner community who will be sharing their experiences of developing compliant and defensible ESG policies.

Full details on the event programme can be found here. To book your place visit the Eventbrite booking page.

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Last Updated: 8 August 2019
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