Earth Day 2021 – Why investors are taking action on biodiversity

Today, on Earth Day 2021 (22/04/2021), the world is talking about how we can ‘Restore Our Earth‘. To help you navigate the oncoming stream of information around this year’s Earth Day theme, Minerva has released a new background briefing looking at how biodiversity can be integrated into investor stewardship.

“USD 967 billion is required each year
starting now if the decline in
biodiversity is to be reversed by 2030.”

paulson institute, 2020

In a time when global pandemics are more likely due to increased risks cause by biodiversity loss, the United Nations is using Earth Day to begin a Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Formally launched on World Environment Day June 5th, this new initiative adds yet more weight to the shoulders of investors expected to be good stewards on the emerging topic of biodiversity.

Today also marks the start of a two-day climate summit hosted by the United States to urge further emissions reduction targets. Joe Biden will lead the virtual event bringing together 40 world leaders, including 17 from countries that collectively account for 80 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The event is seen as a precursor to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow in November, where nature-based solutions and biodiversity will be a key topic of discussion.

Investors have long known the importance of financial capital as an essential resource for society, the economy, and investment returns. Today, investors are increasingly aware that all forms of capital, including natural capital, contribute to long-term sustainable growth. Economists, governments, regulators, and investors are looking not only at the impact of climate change on investment risk, but also the role of Biodiversity. So what is Biodiversity and what part should it play in investment thinking?

Investors don’t need to wait for governments to implement regulations, as USD 967 billion is required each year starting now if the decline in biodiversity is to be reversed by 2030 in line with UN targets. Read our briefing for a clear outline on how investors can address biodiversity risks right now.

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Last Updated: 22 April 2021
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