Proxy Voting Solutions

Minerva’s turnkey proxy voting service empowers investors with the tools and support they  need to achieve their stewardship goals. Where other vendors charge extra for bespoke options, Minerva offers custom as standard.

  • Integrated custodian bank feeds for daily reconciliation to protect your voting entitlements;
  • Voting dashboards to manage your workflows with ease;
  • High quality operational support to complement engagement and stewardship activities;
  • Time-tested solution;
  • Custom work-flows;
  • Voting policy and guideline development;
  • Custom vote recommendations as standard;
  • Timely, accurate and confidential electronic vote execution; and
  • Comprehensive record keeping and reporting to ensure compliance with global standards.

State of the art technology

  • Our systems are built on PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open-source relational database used every day for mission-critical  systems. Notable users include the United Nations, Goldman Sachs, the UK’s Met Office and the International Space Station.
  • A+ bank grade cyber-security. Our servers are housed in a dedicated facility in the Netherlands which is ISO14001 certified carbon neutral with ISO27001 credentials.
  • Fully responsive web pages for mobile support.
  • Encrypted transactions.

Untangling the proxy voting plumbing

By focusing on the needs of institutional investors we have a detailed understanding of the problems and challenges they face with “proxy plumbing”. In putting asset owners at the top of the agenda we can deliver Best Execution in Proxy Voting.

Minerva’s approach makes a complex process streamlined and accessible by consolidating key administration and logistical activities:

  • Global meeting agendas
  • Direct procurement, translation, analysis and coding
  • Daily portfolio reconciliations and vote entitlement calculations
  • Stock lending support
  • Power of Attorney Management
  • Integrated customised vote guidance and record keeping
  • Straight through electronic vote lodgment and legal vote confirmations
  • Integrated engagement letters in line with PRI recommendations
  • Transparent and verifiable audit trail
  • Powerful and fully bespoke client reporting including HTML, CSV feeds
  • Integration with Bloomberg or Thomson Reuters Eikon services

Voting Confidentiality & Integrity

Minerva does not receive any income, fees or rebates from any other parties associated with the voting process.

Voting transactions passing through Minerva’s systems to the shareholder meeting also remain confidential at all times. We will not sell or disclose your data to any other party, save the authorised vote tabulator for the meeting in question or relevant regulator.

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Last Updated: 7 November 2019