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Global Stewardship Codes shown in the list below are the key international codes. Stewardship Codes are usually addressed at institutional investors and outline out good practice for engagement with investee companies. Stewardship Codes are generally voluntary and operate on a “comply or explain” or “if not, why not” basis. Stewardship Codes may have an element of regulatory impetus, for example by inclusion in asset manager conduct of business rules. The Stewardship Codes may have been developed by membership bodies or through regulatory bodies.

Existing Global Stewardship Codes

Australian Asset Owner Stewardship Code (2018)
Brazil AMEC Stewardship Code (2016)
Bulgaria Bulgarian Code For Corporate Governance (2012)
Canada Principles for Governance Monitoring, Voting and Shareholder Engagement (2010)
Europe Principles for the exercise of ownership rights in investee companies (2011)
Hong Kong Principles of Responsible Ownership (March 2016)
Italy Italian Stewardship Code (2016)
Japan Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors (2014)
Malaysia Malaysian Code for Institutional Investors (2015)
The Netherlands Best Practices for Shareholder Engagement (2011)
South Africa Code for Responsible Investing (2011)
Switzerland Guidelines for institutional investors governing the exercising of participation rights in public limited companies (2016)
Taiwan Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors
United Kingdom The UK Stewardship Code (2012)
United States of America The Investor Stewardship Group (2017)
Global Code ICGN Global Stewardship Principles (2016)

Global Stewardship Codes Under Development

India Responsible shareholder engagement and  IRDAI (2017)
Kasakhstan Responsible shareholder engagement (2017)
Singapore Stewardship Principles for Responsible Investors (2016)
Thailand Investment Governance Code for Institutional Investors (2016)

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) is currently developing a Stewardship Code Network to support the development of stewardship codes.

Please also see the Global Governance Codes page.

Last Updated: 21 May 2018