About the survey

The 2018 edition of the Executive Director Total Remuneration Survey is the latest in a continuous series of independent, non partisan reports which takes an in-depth look at trends in listed company pay and reward. Since 2003 Manifest-Minerva has prepared this highly-trusted review using primary source public information taken the annual reports of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange including AIM.

Remuneration committees and investors need high quality data to support their work. We also believe they can benefit from the support of diverse and objective analysis. Remuneration committees cannot make good decisions in a vacuum, or, as is sometimes the case, with sight of only parts of the necessary information. Likewise, shareholders and their representatives in the ownership chain need to understand what appropriate remuneration is, and the latest trends and best practice. This report makes an important contribution to providing this information.

Last Updated: 13 July 2018