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Manifest’s extensive database and industry contacts allow us to provide you with an in-depth look at and wider perspective on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility issues.


Total Remuneration Survey 2017

The Manifest Total Remuneration Survey is the latest in a continuous series of independent, non-partisan reports which takes an in-depth look at trends in listed companies’ pay and reward. Since 2003 Manifest has prepared this highly-trusted review using primary source public information taken the annual reports of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange including AIM. This year the survey comprises data from a total of 579 companies.

Detailing all elements of remuneration, the survey provides essential data for remuneration committees and institutional investors with a valuable addition to the board briefings, shareholder reporting development, and investor relations in respect of remuneration. Buy Now >>

Total Remuneration Survey 2016

The Manifest Total Remuneration Survey is the UK’s most authoritative analysis of remuneration trends.

There is no doubt that complex problems require careful thoughtful analysis. Manifest’s mission is to provide a thoughtful service to investors. Through this survey we provide useful independent technical briefing to companies and investors.

  • The Manifest Remuneration Survey helps companies and investors by focusing on the hard facts of pay.
  • Manifest’s data is trusted and used by global regulators and investors
  • Our independent, objective, non-recommendations based approach to analysing and grading remuneration governance is the most consistent predictor or shareholder concerns. Buy Now >>

Total Remuneration Survey 2015

Manifest is delighted to announce the 2015 edition of their comprehensive review of executive director remuneration. Detailing all elements of remuneration, the survey provides essential data for remuneration committees and institutional investors. Buy Now >>

Shareholder Voting

Barriers to Cross-Border Voting

Shareholder voting is one of the pillars of effective corporate governance. It is the single most important legal mechanism for shareholder control over investee companies, their boards and management. The voting rights attached to shares give shareholders influence over matters that can affect company performance, stock price, and shareholder value.

This study assesses the voting process in 18 European markets in order to determine the average amount of time available to institutional investors to make informed voting decisions. Buy Now >>

Last Updated: 10 July 2017