About Solactive – Minerva’s Strategic Owner

Solactive is Europe’s award-winning and independent custom index and FinTech solutions provider.

With its headquarters in Frankfurt, Solactive operates on a global basis with offices in Canada and Hong Kong. Our expert knowledgeable team provides asset owners and managers with comprehensive range of cost-effective and innovative index services.

Solactive’s Offering

Since 2007, Solactive has developed tailor-made and multi-asset class benchmark solutions based on a philosophy of: flexibility, proactivity and efficiency.

Whether you are looking for a broad-based benchmark index or want to use one of Solactive’s custom indices to gain exposure to a narrower strategy (smart beta, thematic or ESG), you can count on Solactive’s expert support. Find out more at Solactive.com


From highly flexible index development through to calculation and administration, Solactive’s range of services adds up to a comprehensive package.

  • White-label index calculation and maintenance
  • Development of licensable Solactive-branded indices
  • Idea generation for new investment strategies

FinTech Solutions

While others just talk about big data, for Solactive it is an integral part to advancing its index platform. Smart data solutions are essential in retaining independence and technological edge. Solactive’s newest AI innovation, ARTIS © (Algorithmic Theme Identification System) leverages artificial intelligence, big data and natural language processing to identify new investment themes using unconventional data sources.

ETF Sevices

Solactive’s ETF Services department has strong capabilities in all asset classes and complex procedures implementation for long-short, hedged, leveraged and smart beta strategies. With many years proven expertise and experience of ETF/ETP knowledge covering the whole value chain, Solactive can offer calculation of Indicative Optimized Portfolio Value (IOPV), Indicative Net Asset Value (iNAV), and creation of the Portfolio Composition File (PCF) – including regulatory factsheets to ensure compliance.

Solactive’s Achievements

Leading ESG Index Provider

Responsible investing and ESG is a critical topic for professional investors. Solactive works with leading investors to meet the rapidly evolving challenges of ESG integration. Our global clients value Solactive’s independence and open architecture model to provide coverage of the widest range of ESG-related topics – now including data from Minerva Analytics.

Solactive’s ability to create customized indices in this space enables us to apply different selection methodologies (such as “best-in-class” approach, or the removal of specific controversial sectors) and/or also focus on specific themes, like Low Carbon and Gender Equality.

Award-Winning Services

Best ESG Index Disrupter

Solactive wins Best ESG Index Disrupter at the first ESG Investing Awards in 2020 sponsored by ESG Investing

Best Index Provider

Solactive wins Best Index Provider and Best Smart Beta Index Provider at the 15th Europe Structured Products & Derivatives Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Smart Beta Strategy of the Year

Solactive wins Smart Beta Strategy of the Year at the Europe Structured Products & Derivatives Award 2017.

ETF Service Provider of the Year

Solactive is awarded ETF Service Provider of the Year 2016 at the Acquisition International Excellence Award.


From highly flexible product development through to index calculation and administration, Solactive’s range of services adds up to a comprehensive package. Whether you’re looking for a broad-based benchmark index or seeking exposure to a narrower strategy through one of Solactive’s custom indices, you can count on full support.

Index Development

The development of indices is one of our key areas of expertise. While new indices can be set up based on a client’s existing concept, they’re often the result of a client coming to us with a rough idea or are based on a concept jointly developed with our client – a highly flexible approach.

Solactive’s indices can span various asset classes and be based on both quantitative and qualitative factors. However, they are developed, they’re the result of a truly collaborative effort that sees you receive precisely what you were looking for.

Custom Benchmarks

Solactive benchmark indices aim to track several segments of the stock and bond market. These indices can either be used directly in a product, as a benchmark, or as the starting universe of a developed index.

Index Calculation & Administration

We offer you the full spectrum of services, from pure calculation of indices to complete administration including the identification, analysis and monitoring of corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations of companies that can affect the value or composition.

Index Types

Solactive’s client portfolio covers four distinct benchmark groups.

Sustainability & ESG

Sustainable indices select securities based on a comprehensive range of ESG factors e.g. the Solactive Ethical Europe Climate Care NTR Index. Now, with a comprehensive range of ESG data from Minerva, including key TCFD and SDG indicators.

Pure Beta

Pure Beta indices aim to track the performance of specific markets, regions, or sectors. E.g. Solactive US Large Cap Index

Smart Beta

Smart Beta indices employ advanced strategies in order to select and/or weight securities for improved performance. E.g. Solactive All Country Minimum Downside Volatility


Thematic indices are focused on selecting securities based on their exposure to specific topics. E.g. Solactive Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility Index

Solactive’s Principles

Solactive takes its cue from clients when deciding what’s important. So, it will come as no surprise that security, technical infrastructure and regulatory compliance are high on the list. However, it’s just as important to ensure that we truly deliver the products and service that clients are looking for.


The security of your business is something on which we place a great deal of importance and the foundation of the trust that you have in us. We set ourselves the highest standards for data protection and continuity. Solactive employs several industry standard layers of technology to protect and secure data. These include geographically separate primary and secondary data centers, with multiple layers of redundancy, data mirroring and sophisticated failover services, which are complemented by strict physical and logical access controls to the processing platforms.


While staying up to date with regulatory developments is important for most businesses, it’s imperative in an industry such as ours, where the accuracy and integrity of benchmarks is key. This is why compliance with the applicable regulations is at the core of our business strategy. Solactive is compliant with the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks and in 2019 Solactive was registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as a benchmark administrator under the new EU Benchmarks Regulations.


When you’re starting out, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. So, Solactive looked around at what our competitors were doing and at what they weren’t doing. We decided to offer our clients what they said they needed, such as speed – time is money after all. Or true partnership – developing products together with them that matter to them. We believe it is this attitude and work ethic that have got us to where we are today, and will continue to make both ourselves and our clients successful in the future.

Last Updated: 8 March 2020