Manifest - Global Governance & Voting Solutions

Manifest is Europe’s independent stewardship support service.

Manifest’s aim is to support shareholders’ global stewardship responsibilities with:

  • Objective, conflict-free research and analysis of corporate governance and sustainability
  • Secure, confidential electronic shareholder voting services (“Proxy Voting”)
  • Customised voting policies
  • Reporting & audit tools
  • Custom research projects

Our name, Manifest, is our mission: “To Make Things Clear”.

Global Governance Solutions for Asset Owners & Managers

There has never been a more demanding time to be an institutional investor. Fund managers must do more than analyse markets. They must be knowledgeable about environmental, social and governance considerations, submit votes on a wide number of resolutions, be prepared to justify each vote cast, meet regulatory requirements and screen portfolios across an array of key factors.

Since 1995 Manifest has been the resource for objective corporate governance research and voting services. Our clients are some of the world’s most demanding institutional investors, governance professionals, academics and professional advisers.

If you are looking for a service partner who truly understands sustainable stewardship, look no further. Find out more about Manifest’s range of independent, conflict-free proxy governance support services either email us or telephone +44 (0)1376 503500 to arrange a personal consultation.