Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2007, CEO pay has rarely been out of the headlines. As stock markets have risen, so has CEO pay. At the same time, the gap between the pay of quoted company CEOs and average employees has widened sharply, leading to concerns about income inequality. 

Calculating pay ratios and CEO pay is not straightforward. Manifest has been analysing executive pay since the Greenbury Report recommendations became mandatory in 1996. To mark the upcoming release of our 2018 web application upgrade, we’re offering a sneak preview of some of the vast wealth of data our expert team has curated over the past two decades. This table lets you explore CEO pay in the UK and compare the average employee remuneration for the company and the sector.

Source: Manifest

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To help shareholders and stakeholders understand how pay governance is progressing at UK companies, this free resource will automatically update on a nightly basis. Why not also take a look at our new Voting Dissent page as well. There you can see what shareholders are thinking about the governance of investee companies.

Pay Vote Dissent – The 20% Club |20 Years of CEO Pay

We hope you enjoy these previews. If you use them. please be sure to respect our IP, there are thousands of analyst hours invested in making this data decision ready. If you are looking for more comprehensive governance data from around the world, our expert team can help. 

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Data Definitions

CEO Single Figure (SF): The statutory single figure of total remuneration for the lead executive director, as defined by the UK regulations.

CEO Ratio (SF): Calculated as (CEO SF/(Employee Remuneration/Employees #))

CEO Sector Multiple: Calculated as (CEO SF/# of Companies in Sector)/(Sector Employees Rem/Sector Employees #)

Companies: The UK’s top 350 companies for 2016 and 2017, excluding companies with no employees (e.g. Investment Trusts).

Employees #: The number of employees at the year end as disclosed by the company in the annual report.

Employee Remuneration (Total): The total employee remuneration as disclosed by the company in the annual report.

Employee Remuneration (Average): Calculated as Total Employee Remuneration/Employees.

Year: The financial year to which the figures relate. 


Last Updated: 26 August 2017